Asda puts English-Welsh signs in Cambridge store

image captionShoppers can choose whether to buy produce in English or Welsh

A supermarket has invited its customers to "brush up on their Welsh" after a shortage of English-only signs forced it to put up bilingual versions.

About 20 signs offering items such as potatoes/tatws and pears/gellyg have been put up in Asda's Cambridge Beehive Centre store.

A company spokesman said the signs were a "temporary measure".

He said no English-only signs had been available and the company did not want to leave customers without signage.

He added that the lack of signs was due to a shortage at the company's printers.

The signs, which have been used in the fresh produce section of the store, also offer customers cauliflower/blodfresych, chillies/tsilis and butternut squash/sgwosh cnau menyn.

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