Chatteris residents brassed off by door metal thefts


Thieves have stolen front door furniture from houses in a Cambridgeshire town.

Homes in Chatteris were targeted in what police believe to have been a raid by scrap metal thieves.

Door numbers, knobs and knockers were taken from front doors in a number of streets across the town.

Local postman Gary Birch said the missing numbers were not a problem for him. "Delivery drivers are getting very confused, though," he said.

Rachel Foot, whose house number was stolen, described the theft as "quite random".

Her slate plate with silver numbers was handmade by her husband.

"It's not even real silver so it's not of any value to anyone. It's just sentimental," she said.

'Low-level crime'

Mrs Foot, who said she was aware of a number of other residents whose houses had been targeted, added: "I'm certainly not going to replace the number while all of this is still going on.

"I might just go for a painted number on a stone at the bottom of the door."

A police spokeswoman said: "Officers are investigating the thefts and we take this sort of crime very seriously. We expect the numbers will be sold for scrap metal."

She added that only four reports of door furniture theft had been received by the police, but said: "Perhaps this is because it's a low-level crime and people aren't telling us.

"But we would very much like to hear from anyone else who has been a victim of this."

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