Cambridgeshire schoolboy wears skirt in protest

A Cambridgeshire boy wore a skirt to school in a protest against what he said was "discrimination".

Chris Whitehead, 12, was angered by rules at Impington Village College, near Cambridge, that do not allow boys to wear shorts in hot weather.

The year 8 pupil said he researched the policy, found a loophole in the rules and turned up to school in a skirt.

Following his demonstration, the school has pledged to review the policy later in the year.

'Uniform policy'

Chris said: "There has been a bit of teasing but I don't mind if people laugh at me, if I feel I am doing something that is good.

"I think people agree with me and I hope something will change."

He added: "I looked up the uniform policy, it doesn't say girls have to be the ones wearing skirts, so I used this to my advantage. It was a peaceful protest."

Some of his friends at the school said it was an unusual thing to see but a brave thing to do.

A school spokeswoman praised his "independence" and "individuality".

Chris' father Brian Whitehead said: "We are proud of him. We did ask if he was sure it was what he wanted to do.

"But he's the sort of lad who will just shrug his shoulders and get on with it."

National support

Chris told the BBC he wanted to go in to politics in the future, starting with the House of Commons.

Since hitting the national press Chris has generated a huge amount of interest on the social networking site Twitter.

TV presenter Phillip Schofield tweeted: "Well done 12-year-old Chris Whitehead. Protesting that at his school, in the summer, girls can wear skirts, but boys can't wear shorts.

"He's decided to protest by taking advantage of a loophole in the school rules... and wear a skirt!

"Very brave and a point well made. Apparently he wants to be a politician! We will benefit from his brains, I think."

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