Cut in arrests for drink-driving in Cambridgeshire

The number of arrests for drinking and driving offences in Cambridgeshire over Christmas 2010 was down on 2009 despite a large increase in those breathalysed.

The campaign ran through December and saw 6,547 motorists tested, compared to 1,301 breathalysed the previous year.

But the number of arrested drivers dropped to 121, compared to 123 in 2009.

Pc Tony Barrios, of Cambridgeshire Police, said it was positive to see a reduction in the number of arrests.

He added: "Sadly, any arrest is one too many and the fact that 121 people were caught driving over the influence is unacceptable.

"These motorists may think they are safe to drive but they are mistaken. Each time someone gets behind the wheel and drives under the influence they are not only risking their own life but also the lives of others."

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