Cambridge student fees protest continues into weekend

Students protesting against cuts to education and public services blocked administrative sites at the University of Cambridge.

The students closed access to the Old School office which is home to the vice-chancellor's office and finance office.

The action began last week with marches in several towns and cities.

Occupations have also taken place at Plymouth, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and University College London.

Students are angry at government plans to allow institutions to almost treble fees to a maximum £9,000 per year.

Ministers plan to press ahead with a vote on the issue before Christmas.

Alice Wells, a student taking part in the Cambridge sit-in, said: "We are here because we believe in an education system that is open and available to all regardless of their ability to pay.

"We do not accept the need for this government's brutal and economically illiterate spending cuts which will damage the social fabric of this country.

"We demand that the University of Cambridge use its influence, wealth and prestige to fight for a more just system, and won't stop until they do."

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