Bristol City Council had 'insufficient regard' for man's rights

image captionThe LGO said the council had given "insufficient regard" to the man's human rights

A council "gave insufficient regard" to a man's human rights when it left him in unsuitable temporary accommodation for four years, an investigation found.

The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) found the man complained he did not have access to a kitchen in that time.

Bristol City Council was found to have "delayed and failed to take decisive action" in rehousing the man.

It said it "fully accepted the findings" and would review processes and give staff additional training.

The man complained he was "unhappy and reliant on staff for everything, including leaving the property" after he was moved to the unsuitable flat.

It followed other difficulties he had experienced in other council-owned accommodation.

'Stress and anxiety'

He has received £5,000 in compensation and an apology from the council.

The lack of suitable accommodation "caused him significant stress and anxiety" and he was found to have "lost independent living skills", the LGO's report found.

The council also charged him £1,200 to redecorate a flat he previously lived in but never returned to. The authority agreed the man would be reimbursed.

Bristol City Council said: "We have fully accepted the findings of the ombudsman and are taking action to comply with the recommendations and to avoid similar situations arising again.

"This includes a review of the processes involved and additional training for staff, with the adult social care commissioning team taking a lead role in finding bespoke support for people with complex needs when appropriate services are not immediately available.''

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