Coronavirus guideline videos made for Bristol Somalis

By Caroline Le Marechal
BBC News, Bristol

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Mohamed Abdi Sayaqle
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Mohamed Abdi Sayaqle has made the bi-lingual videos for Twitter and Facebook

Video messages in Somali to ensure those who do not speak English understand how to stay safe during the pandemic have been released in Bristol.

Mohamed Abdi Sayaqle, from Bristol Somali Voice, said some of the city's Somali community were "just not getting the government's advice".

The films, available on Twitter and Facebook, explain the guideline rules such as social distancing.

Bristol City Council said "everyone is taking this very, very seriously".

There are about 10,000 people of Somali heritage living in Bristol.

Mr Abdi Sayaqle said: "We decided to send a bi-lingual message to the community members including the Somalis, to encourage people to stick to the government guidelines and NHS stuff.

"And in this difficult time I think everyone of us has a responsibility and role to play."

'Reinforcing messages'

Mohamed Hassan, from the city, said elderly members of the community could struggle to understand messages in English.

He said: "A lot of the terminology that is used, especially in English, a lot of people are not familiar - unless they have been educated in this country, or they've worked in the NHS or in the health services.

"And it is good to have that message so that people could relate what's going on, relate to the person who is giving them the message."

Deputy mayor Asher Craig said: "We are meeting up with the wider voluntary community sector on a weekly basis, so that we can keep reinforcing the messages that the council, the police and the government want to see enacted."

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