Postman 'brings joy' to Clevedon with unusual outfits

Terry dressed up as Snow WhiteImage source, Terry Barnes
Image caption,
Terry has been dressing up on his rounds in Clevedon

A Clevedon postman is bringing a bit of joy to people on lockdown by dressing up while on his rounds.

Terry Barnes, 54, has dressed as a zebra, Snow White and a court jester. Residents on Facebook said "it was just what they needed".

Mr Barnes came up with the idea after spotting a zebra onesie at the back of his wardrobe.

"I thought 'you know what, I'm going to wear that to work to make people laugh, just to get a smile'," Mr Barnes said.

Mr Barnes, who has had the same round for more than 10 years, said people were waiting at their windows to see what he will be dressed as that day.

"The response from young and old has been phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal," he said.

Image source, Derek Sweet
Image caption,
One of Terry's outfits sees him walking around in a onesie
Image caption,
Terry has also worn a kilt

"I just want to keep everyone happy while this pandemic is going on. It's putting a smile on peoples' faces and having something to talk about and that's what it is all about."

A lady on Mr Barnes' round has donated around 20 new costumes to the postman, although he is keeping them under tight wraps so as not to ruin any surprises.

"I've got several [costumes] to keep me going for several weeks now I think. It's all a secret, but there's quite a few to choose from."

And the costumes are also going down well with some of the postman's more tricky customers.

"The dogs are looking at me a little bit perplexed," Mr Barnes said.

"But rather than barking and growling, they're just turning their heads and like 'what is that?' especially with a zebra walking down the road - some of them were licking their lips."

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