Coronavirus: Bristol street lines to 'urge runners off pavement'

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Avon Crescent is part of the Bristol harbourside walk

A Bristol resident has painted lines on the street outside her house to to encourage runners to avoid the pavement.

The harbourside road is attractive to runners, but there are claims they are not practising social-distancing.

Lizzie Melling, from Avon Crescent, said it makes her feel "uncomfortable and worried".

Bristol City Council urged all people to be considerate to others when they are outside their homes.

The authority has not commented directly on Ms Melling's actions.

But a spokesman said: "The coronavirus pandemic means everyone is being forced to make adjustments to their everyday lives.

"Everybody should follow the advice to stay at home and only leave for limited purposes.

"When they are outside, they should maintain social distancing and we would urge them to be considerate of other people when using the city's roads and walkways.''

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Despite the encouragement many continue to run on the pavement

Ms Melling said she understood why people want to use the road as part of their exercise routine.

"[But] what they are doing is running anywhere they want, especially on the pavement, at speed, huffing and puffing because they are out of breath," she said.

"We've had situations where people have been spitting as they're running and it's all very concerning because we're all trying to keep our distance

"It makes me feel uncomfortable and worried... and it's really unfair that they're being so inconsiderate."