M32 Maples: Campaigners climb up threatened trees

Image source, Save The 32 Maples
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Protester Kate said she was "determined" to stay in the tree and has everything she needs

Campaigners have climbed up three Norway maple trees in a bid to stop them being cut down by a developer.

Save the M32 Maples claim the strip of land the protected trees are on falls outside the boundary of John Garlick's land on Lower Ashley Hill in Bristol.

The group wants Bristol City Council to acknowledge it owns the land but the authority denies this is the case.

Group spokesperson Anita Bennett said members would stay in the trees until the council agreed to meet with them.

"We want the council to talk to us and to look at the land registry documents we have which show the trees are on their land," said Ms Bennett.

"We want them to stop covering up the give-away of our trees."

A full council meeting is due to be held on Tuesday when the issue over the ownership of the trees will be discussed.

The BBC has not been able to reach housing developer Mr Garlick for a comment.

Image source, Save The M32 Maples
Image caption,
Campaigners built platforms in the trees overnight on Friday before climbing up to occupy them

Originally there were five Norway maple trees on the site but two were felled as part of the redevelopment plans to build affordable housing on the site.

Members of the group climbed the trees and built platforms in them overnight on Friday after buildings on the site were taken down on Thursday.

"We feared the trees would be next so we had to act," said Ms Bennett.

"The community support has been overwhelming," added Howard Ogden from the group.

One of the campaigners, Kate, who is occupying one of the tree platforms, said she was "prepared to stay" to protect the tree from being cut down.

Image source, Save The M32 Maples
Image caption,
There were five protected maple trees on Lower Ashley Road but only three remain

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