'Tacky' Christmas lights note posted by naughty elf workmates

Christmas Image copyright Billy Morgan

A family in Bridgwater were left furious after a note calling their Christmas decorations "tacky" was posted through the door.

Billy Morgan assumed his neighbours were the culprits, and posted a defiant reply on social media.

More than 600 people had posted on Facebook in support of his illuminations.

But he later discovered the note was a "joke" by his workmates and not his neighbours.

This "is a copy of a note that someone thought was OK to post through my door", Mr Morgan wrote on Facebook.

"I have had blown up to A3, laminated and bought an inflatable 6ft elf to display it... as a message to anyone that has the [nerve] to accuse my display of only being on the verge of tacky."

Image copyright Billy Morgan
Image caption The note was posted to the family, and in response Billy enlarged and laminated it

Mr Morgan wrote to his followers that he was devastated to find "that someone thought it was OK" to post the Scrooge-like note through his door.

He later posted a message naming three of his work colleagues, saying: "I would like to thank and apologise to everyone on here, and to my neighbours, but these three clowns were the culprits of the note.

"Please give them a round of applause or maybe just throw coal at them when you see them."

Image copyright Facebook
Image caption The note was taken seriously and stuck to an elf to "warn off" anyone who wanted to comment

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