Police honour PCSO's promise with riot van at child's party

Stanley and Warren RodgersImage source, Ruth Wright
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Stanley Wright had invited PCSO Warren Rodgers to his party

Police officers in a riot van turned up at a boy's birthday party to honour a promise made by a PCSO before he died.

PCSO Warren Rodgers promised to go to Stanley Wright's sixth birthday party on Saturday after the youngster saw him outside his house and invited him in June.

But a week after the party invite, PCSO Rodgers died of a heart attack.

Avon and Somerset Police said he was a "much loved member of the team" and it was "important to honour his promise".

Stanley, who lives in Bristol, has always wanted to be a police officer and is "crazy about the police", his mother Ruth said.

When she saw PCSO Rodgers outside their home, she knew her son would "want a picture with him" and he invited him to his sixth party.

Image source, Ruth Wright
Image caption,
The police riot van arrived at Stanley's birthday party with "sirens, flashing lights the lot"

Ms Wright said she had "heard nothing" as the party approached so decided to go to Bridewell police station.

"The lady on the desk was very kind when I told her the story but when I handed Warren's card over, her face looked a little strange," she said.

"She went off for five minutes and when she came back she apologised and said Warren Rodgers had passed away."

Ms Wright said she was shocked and "saddened" by the news because PCSO Rodgers had "really made Stanley's year".

"We didn't know whether they [the police] would come but two officers turned up with sirens, flashing lights the lot. Stanley was thrilled," she said.

Avon and Somerset Police said he was one of the force's longest-serving PCSOs and a "much loved member of the team".

"He'd made a promise and it was important that we stuck to that promise and honoured it," said Jordan Howe, from Bridewell police station.

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