'Broken Faces' explored in new art exhibition

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image copyrightMatthew Healey
image caption"The dead are often remembered, the survivors are often not," said Matthew Healey

Soldiers whose maimed faces needed reconstruction following World War One are remembered in an exhibition of paintings and sculptures.

The Broken Faces exhibition depicts faces as they were before and after reconstructive surgery.

Bristol artist Matthew Healey said he wanted to honour the survivors of war who are "rarely seen" as part of the commemorations for Armistice Day.

He used photographs of injured Allied and German soldiers as inspiration.

image copyrightMatthew Healey
image captionThe artist wants people to remember soldiers who have been injured or maimed as well as the dead on Armistice Day
image copyrightMatthew Healey
image captionThere are 10 paintings and six sculptures in the Broken Faces exhibition
image copyrightBroken Faces
image captionThe images used are a mix of German, French and English soldiers

Mr Healey acknowledged the works were "not the sort of thing people will want to hang in their houses" but said he would like to see them "put in a public place".

The collection is on display in the Centrespace Gallery in Bristol.

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