Bristol venue to play Africa by Toto on loop all night

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DJ Michael Savage will play Toto's biggest hit "back to back" on vinyl for "five hours straight" in Bristol

A music venue in Bristol is going to play Africa by Toto on loop all night to raise funds for an African charity.

DJ Michael Savage will play the US rock band's biggest hit on vinyl for "five hours straight" at The Exchange in Bristol on 30 November.

He said people can be sponsored for how long they last.

Band member Steve Lukather said in a tweet he would "kill someone after about five plays". He added: "Imagine if you will, we cut this 1981.

"You think YOU have heard it too much? LOL".

Released in 1982, Africa is Toto's biggest hit and still receives millions of streams.

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'Ultimate guilty pleasure'

"It's the go-to track to fill the dance floor," said Mr Savage, who owns Prime Cuts Record Store in Bristol.

"I drunkenly suggested I'd run a night playing just that track two years ago. I kept talking about it and now I've got to do it."

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The bar at The Exchange will also be playing cover versions and remixes of the classic 1980s track

As well as the catchy song being played non-stop in the venue's main room between 23:00 and 04:00, the adjoining bar will be playing cover versions and remixes of the classic track.

"I love the track, it's unusual - the ultimate guilty pleasure - but I'm not sure whether I'll fall asleep or not," Mr Savage said.

"I feel quite sorry for the bar staff, they're going to be really stuck in the middle."

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The musical marathon is raising funds for Temwa, a Bristol-based charity which works to "develop self-sufficient communities" in remote rural areas of northern Malawi.

Mr Savage said the charity had already received its first donation from someone keen to avoid the event altogether.

"I'm pushing for longer. I've asked the venue for 12 hours," he said.

"I'd like to set a new world record. I don't think there is one for this as far as I can tell but that's the plan."

Who are Toto?

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Mike Porcaro, far left, with other Toto band members in Singapore in 2006

The band was formed in 1976 in Los Angeles and has sold 35 million albums.

Toto enjoyed great commercial success in the late 1970s and 1980s, and became known for their musical style combining elements of pop, rock, soul, funk, blues, and jazz.

They broke up in 2008 but reformed in 2010 and went on a short European tour to benefit their bass player Mike Porcaro who had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

In March 2015, Toto keyboardist Steve Porcaro said in a statement that his brother had died peacefully in his sleep at home..

As well as Africa, they are also known for their hits Hold the Line and Rosanna.

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