Bristol animal cruelty farmer ordered to remove animals

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Susan Smith's lawyers have lodged an appeal against her conviction

A farmer found guilty of animal cruelty and neglect has been ordered to remove all of her animals.

Susan Smith was convicted of 36 charges after dead and dying sheep, cattle, goats and pigs were found in Ingst Manor Farm, near Bristol, in 2015.

She was due to be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court but her barrister lodged an appeal against her conviction.

Judge Martin Picton said the 60-year-old must dispose of all animals by 18 October as part of her bail conditions.

The court was told Smith was "unsuitable" to keep animals but the judge said it would be "inappropriate" to sentence her in light of the appeal.

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Susan Smith was still keeping pigs on her farm on Tuesday when BBC reporters visited

In June, Smith had been convicted of charges including cruelty, neglect and failing to dispose of animal carcasses.

RSPCA inspectors found hundreds of dead and dying animals at the farm Olveston in March 2015.

In a shed, surviving cows and sheep without access to food or water were living alongside dead and dying ones.

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RSPCA inspectors found hundreds of dead and dying animals at the farm Olveston

Richard Hemmings, who lives on a farm opposite, said he first started making complaints about Smith 20 years ago.

"It's like an Auschwitz for animals. She's a highly intelligent woman, it's shocking."

After the judge's ruling he added: "It's been another year wasted. But at least she can't kill any more animals. That's a start."

The appeal will not be heard until at least February 2019.

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