Bristol Pride Day marked with parade and music festival

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Bristol Pride has been celebrating diversity in a parade through the city

Some 36,000 people are expected to join in celebrations to mark Bristol Pride Day.

A parade went through the city centre to the Harbourside, where live music events are being held.

Organiser Daryn Carter said: "It's a chance for us all to come together and show our support to the LGBT community and also to say we don't welcome prejudice and hatred here."

Some of the acts include Alexandra Burke and 1990s Britpop band Republica.

The parade, featuring a 50m rainbow banner, made its way around the Horsefair, Cabot Circus and Baldwin Street.

Taking part at the front of the parade was Bristol mayor, Labour's Marvin Rees.

Organisers said this year's procession attracted even more crowds and thousands more lined the streets to cheer them on.

"The atmosphere is incredible, we had over 10,000 people joining our parade, it's an amazing start to the day," added Mr Carter.

During the procession there were small pockets of people protesting against the LGBT movement.

Mr Carter said: "It's a real shame that people want to condemn people just for being who they are and for loving who they love."

Bristol Pride Day is the culmination of a fortnight of events highlighting LGBT+ issues.

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Bristol poet Chris Hyde shares his thoughts on whether LGBT people are equal in society

It is organised by volunteers and paid for through company sponsorships.

In the run-up to Pride Day some LGBT communities expressed concerns about the event's main sponsor Airbus.

They said the engineering firm sold aircraft parts to countries which oppress LGBT communities.

"We have got a responsibility to bring in the money to put the festival on - we don't get funding so the money has got to come from somewhere," Mr Carter said.

"If people are unhappy about where we're getting funding they need to step up to the plate and challenge why we're not getting funding or put their hand in their pocket and make sure they donate."

A rolling roadblock will be put in place and traffic delays are expected.

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Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees (far left) was at the front of the parade holding a 50m rainbow banner
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A 50m rainbow banner was carried through the city centre on Saturday morning
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The thin red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet line: Police got into the spirit while keeping an eye on festivities
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There will live music acts around the Harbourside on Pride Day
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The event is in its seventh year
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Pride Day is a colourful event - as evidenced by this snazzy facepaint and t-shirt combo
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The parade is known for its colourful characters

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