'Guardian angel' statue erected at Bristol's Bearpit

image captionThe sculpture depicts a woman, wearing sunglasses and a floral headpiece with her arms outstretched

An angel statue, erected overnight in a area under a roundabout blighted by anti-social behaviour, aims to "foster a different attitude", its artist says.

The statue has been set up at the Bearpit beneath St James Barton Roundabout, in Bristol.

It shows a woman in sunglasses with a floral headpiece and arms outstretched.

Businesses in the Bearpit ceased trading earlier this year amid reports of open drug use and verbal and physical abuse in the area

The artist, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the Bearpit problem was "a difficult, contentious issue" and "needs a guardian angel".

image captionThe artist who erected the statue said the Bearpit is "a difficult, contentious issue" and "it needs a guardian angel"

Since the businesses moved out, a multi-million proposal has been put forward to transform the area into a food hub and improve its image.

Bristol City Council spent £1.2m improving the area in 2014.

The artist told the BBC: "The Bearpit does seem to attract a lot of controversy and the reaction of the council has been to paint over the street art.

"They have literally whitewashed the whole area, which doesn't address the key problems it is facing."

The artist has put more than 15 artworks on display in Bristol, including one at the Bristol Royal Infirmary which he erected in February.

image captionBusinesses in the Bearpit ceased trading earlier in the year due to an increase in anti-social behaviour

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