Ferry cash pulled from Bristol Harbour by police divers

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Office dog guarding money drying on racksImage source, Bristol Ferry
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The retrieved cash was put out to dry beside an office heater and is said to be 'none the worse for wear'

Hundreds of pounds of ferry takings have been retrieved from the bottom of Bristol harbour - more than a week after they went overboard.

Bristol Ferry said a bag containing £467 in cash fell into the water on 15 October, after the strap snapped.

Police divers on a training exercise found the bag on Monday.

Philippa Bungard, the firm's director, said: "It was all there, all absolutely fine. We laid the notes out on a rack over the radiator in the office."

Image source, Bristol Ferry
Image caption,
It took police divers an hour to find the cash in the murky waters and retrieve it

Ms Bungard said she first heard the cash had been dropped when she got a phone call from a "horrified and terribly apologetic" crewman.

"I said 'don't worry, don't worry - check where it is and keep an eye on it and make a note of where it is'," she said.

"It's not very deep in the city centre - I thought we'll have a go at getting it out."

But despite attempts to fish the bag out with a grappling hook, it was police divers who found the cash.

"They said if it's down there then they'll find it... it took about an hour," Ms Bungard said.

"But the notes were all sound, totally fine including the plastic ones and the others are none the worse for wear.

"We didn't consciously keep it a secret but if we had said there's hundreds of pounds at the bottom of the harbour - there may have been more people jumping in."

Now "all dried out" the money has been donated to two local charities - the Marmalade Trust and the Julian Trust.

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