Bristol chemistry student creates 'greenest' fake snow

Fake snow fall
Image caption Lizzie Mould was challenged by Gloucestershire firm Snow Business to come up with a "green" realistic snow for film and television

A chemistry student has created "the most environmentally-friendly" fake snow, as part of her research.

Lizzie Mould, from Bristol University, was challenged by Gloucestershire firm Snow Business to come up with a "green" realistic snow for film and television.

It took her two years and a "few hundred attempts" but now her new snow liquids are being sold to the industry.

Ms Mould, said: "To say that seeing the products on the market is rewarding would be an understatement."

The Stroud-based company which specialises in fake snow and ice effects, has previously worked on James Bond film Spectre, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

But in a bid to create a "really good snow effect" which was "robust in different climates", environmentally friendly and would not damage people's skin or leave a residue - they approached the university.

Image caption Student Lizzie Mould said she "never thought" that she would be making fake snow for a living.

"I must have made hundreds of formulations. before we got to where we are today," said Ms Mould, who has now been offered a full-time job with the firm.

'Beyond our capabilities'

"The original plan was just to make one fluid but by the end of my project we had two which both worked really well."

Recently launched to the industry, Paul Denney, from the company, said as far as they know the new liquids are "the most environmentally friendly falling snow products in the world".

"We had looked at developing the product ourselves but the chemistry involved was beyond our capabilities, which is why we approached the University of Bristol," he said.

"We weren't totally sure what Lizzie would be able to do, especially as we had a long wish list of characteristics but she's really come up trumps and surpassed all our expectations."

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