Widow hears husband's voice again after teddy sound box fixed

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Media captionMrs Walter's family recorded the moment she was reunited with the bear

A widow's family has captured the moment she was presented with a teddy bear containing the final recording of her late husband's voice.

Jean Walters' husband Den left a final message on the device before his death from cancer 11 years ago.

But the recording, which had slowly deteriorated over the years, eventually stopped working last month.

Through an online appeal, her family tracked down the original manufacturer, which managed to fix the bear.

When it is squeezed, the bear plays a greeting which says: "I think you are the best girl in the world for me, love Den".

Mr Walters used the message at the end of letters he sent to his wife when he was in the army.

Mrs Walters, 83, who has dementia, said it "broke her heart" when the sound box stopped working.

"Even though 11 years have gone by, it was like he never left me", she said.

Image copyright Jean Walters
Image caption Den Walters recorded the sentimental message before he died

Mrs Walters' granddaughter Abbie Webb said: "Having the bear is something which gives her a reminder of him and something about hearing his voice sparks that little bit more.

"When she is having a bad day with her dementia it really helps...hearing something that she heard for many, many years in a row was a comfort to her."

Image caption After a social media appeal the bear's voice was restored
Image caption Jean Walters said she was 'sad and lonely' after the bear's voice stopped working

Ms Webb, from Bristol, said they were "utterly devastated" but "got to the point where we though we would have to give up".

After a social media appeal, Ms Webb found the original manufacturer and they agreed to try and restore the voice.

"We then got the most amazing news that the bear had started talking again", she said.

Mrs Walters said: "I think Den's still there's a bear but he's lovely."

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