Labour's Marvin Rees has been elected as Bristol city's mayor

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Media captionNew Bristol mayor, Marvin Rees, gives his first interview to the BBC after being elected

Labour's Marvin Rees has been elected as Bristol city's mayor.

He achieved almost 30,000 more votes than independent candidate George Ferguson who has held the leadership position since 2012.

Both first and second preference votes were counted across two rounds, with the pair left to a two-horse race in a copy of what happened four years ago.

Mr Rees received a total of 68,750 votes and Mr Ferguson 39,577 from 44.87% of the electorate who voted.


In his victory speech, Mr Rees said it had been "an incredible journey" which started many years before his first bid to take leadership of Bristol City Council in 2012.

He paid tribute to all his supporters and said the "collective action" had been humbling.

Mr Ferguson followed with a speech in which he quipped: "I want to thank you for giving me my life back."

He said to Mr Rees: "I hope you don't have to put up with some of the barracking and bile that I've had to put up with. I'll be the first there to defend you if you do."

Mayor of Bristol election 2016
Candidates First preference votes Second preference votes Total
Tom Baldwin Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 1,876
Kay Barnard Liberal Democrat 8,078
Tony Britt Independent 877
Tony Dyer Green Party 10,000
George Ferguson Bristol First 32,375 7,202 39,577
Stoney Garnett Independent 1,384
Mayor Festus Kudehinbu Independent 341
John Langley Independent 367
Charles Lucas Conservative Party 19,617
Marvin Rees Labour Party 56,729 12,021 68,750
Paul Saville Independent 545
Christine Townsend Independent 1,010
Paul Turner UK Independence Party 7,115

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