Fuerteventura Easyjet flight takes off after 48-hour delay

Inside the EZY9066 delayed flight from Fuerteventura to Bristol Image copyright @marta_laguna_de
Image caption A replacement flight was eventually sent to Fuerteventura to return the 170 passengers to Bristol

More than 170 stranded passengers finally departed the Canary Islands 48 hours after their Easyjet flight was cancelled due to an aircraft fuel leak.

A rescheduled flight from Fuerteventura to Bristol had been due to leave at 13:10 BST, but the firm confirmed it was unable to take off.

Bosses apologised and arranged a replacement flight which left at 19:35.

Passengers used social media to criticise the airline saying the delay was "unacceptable".

Image copyright PA
Image caption Easyjet said "every effort" was made to minimise the impact of the delay
Image copyright @marta_laguna_de
Image caption Passengers took to social media to question Easyjet on a "lack of information"

On Facebook, Michelle Rounce from Plymouth, said: "The most frustrating thing for us as a family of four has been the lack of information.

"I appreciate we are using a budget airline, but to not have an Easyjet rep at the airport seems crazy."

And another passenger, Catherine Hodsman from Exeter, said: "Lots of us are also running out of essential medication but we're kept at the airport with a promise of a flight all day and unable to be 'let out' to find a pharmacy.

"It's unacceptable, we are now on day three of this and I find it hard to believe that a company the size of Easyjet doesn't have the resources to have sorted this much quicker."

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On Twitter, Patrick Sachon tweeted the airline to say "At Fuerteventura at midnight our flight is cancelled but no one is telling where we'll stay tonight. What's going on?"

And Johnny Young said: "For all of the families it's a financial problem, but there is another level of stress because many people are missing their work."

Easyjet said it would move other flights around in order to ensure passengers on Flight EZY9066 can return to the UK.

Image copyright Johnny Young
Image caption Passenger Johnny Young said many people have had to miss a day of work

It said it had found accommodation for most of the passengers affected, but explained there were "limited options" available in the local area.

It plans to reimburse costs to two people who had to secure their own accommodation.

The firm thanked passengers for their understanding and said it would offer flight and refreshment vouchers as compensation.

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