Gigantic bath plug stolen from Bristol garden

Plug water feature, Bristol Image copyright Richard Mudditt
Image caption The 30kg bronze resin plug is thought to have been taken in the dead of night last weekend

A gigantic bath plug weighing in at a hefty 30kg (66lb) has been stolen from a man's front garden.

The plug, which fits inside a half-metre-round plughole, was a cherished water feature on the patio of Richard Mudditt's Bristol home.

But Mr Mudditt said somebody walked off with the huge resin plug last weekend.

He said: "Maybe somebody thought it was actually bronze and had scrap value but it's of no use to anybody at all and I'd love it back."

'No questions asked'

Designed to replicate water circling a drain as the plug is pulled, the feature had attracted a lot of attention and Mr Mudditt, from Clifton, said he was "very sad that it was gone".

"It's pretty heavy for somebody to run off with but whoever wanted it was determined to have it," he said.

"I suspect they drove up in the dead of night and put it in the back of their car."

The plug, which was bought at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in 1999, probably has no commercial value, Mr Mudditt said, but to him it was "priceless".

"I bought it with a very, very close friend back when we were living in London and she died of cancer in 2006 - and so it's sort of a link to her," he said.

"We're offering a reward of a couple of hundred pounds - no questions asked - but we would love it back."

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