Bristol City Council given £30,000 to improve air quality

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Image caption Nitrogen dioxide is a by-product of diesel engines

Thousands of pounds are to be spent in Bristol in a bid to improve air quality.

The government has given the council £30,000 to monitor the movements of heavy goods vehicles in the city.

The research will look at the frequency of deliveries to shops and the current methods used.

Labour's Mark Bradshaw, Bedminster councillor and assistant mayor, admitted the "rising issue" of air pollution was a "challenge".

"We're committed to working with the business community. This is not about imposing any solutions," he added.

"We've really got to understand what businesses need to make them thrive, for them to serve their customers and their clients.

"But equally we have a responsibility as a city to look at every measure that we can take to reduce air pollution.

"Recent studies have shown that diesel vehicles are a major contributor."

Last April, the government estimated there were 29,000 deaths annually in the UK from air pollution.

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