Christopher Jefferies: Drama will highlight 'dangerous' press

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Media captionChristopher Jefferies gave evidence to the Leveson inquiry in 2011

The man wrongly arrested for the murder of Jo Yeates in Bristol said he hoped a TV drama about him would highlight how "dangerous" the UK press can be.

Christopher Jefferies was arrested after Ms Yeates' body was found on Christmas Day 2010, and was questioned for two days before being released.

Dutch national Vincent Tabak was later convicted of the murder.

The Peter Morgan-scripted drama will be shown on ITV on Wednesday.

Mr Jefferies' detention sparked massive press interest and he later successfully sued a number of newspapers for libel and, in 2011, gave evidence before the Leveson inquiry into press conduct.

"Roger Michell [the director] has made an extremely powerful and extremely important film," he said.

Mr Jefferies said he would be interested to see how viewers reacted to the drama.

"If other people think it's a very fine film, if other people are moved by it for the right reasons, and if people are reminded of just how dangerous the press in this country can be in entirely, irresponsibly destroying people's lives then I think the film will have done a great deal of good."

Last year Mr Jefferies, who let a flat in Clifton to Miss Yeates and her boyfriend, received an apology from the police over distress he suffered during the murder investigation.

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies will be shown on ITV at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday.

Image caption Jo Yeates' body was found on Christmas Day 2010

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