Bristol Foundation Housing charity 'to fold within months'

A charity which once provided housing and support for 400 vulnerable adults is expected to fold within months.

Bristol Foundation Housing is evicting all of its remaining tenants - 65 in total - in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Eleven members of paid staff are also facing redundancy.

According to the charity a lack of funding and support led to its collapse which it described as "a huge loss" to the area's disadvantaged adults.

'Real tragedy'

In 2012 it was housing 400 tenants in a mixture of hostels, flats and rooms, but the service has been gradually reduced.

Last year the charity spent three months in administration before being handed back to the trustees.

Now its long-term future has been deemed unviable and last month the remaining 65 tenants - previously reported to be 25 - were told they would need to find alternative accommodation.

"The real tragedy is for the vulnerable adults. It is really sad to see a charity that has been trying to do good since 2008 but has not received the support it needed," said a spokeswoman.

According to the charity, it has had disputes with Bristol City Council since 2008 which it tried and failed to resolve in round-table discussions.

It believes the picture would be very different if it had received a greater level of support and assistance from the authority.

'Closure assumed'

But the council has refused to accept any part in its demise, having already highlighted its unhappiness with the charity for "failing" to notify it about the evictions.

This is strongly denied by the charity which says it has email proof the council was alerted to the situation.

A council spokesman added: "While we do not propose to get involved in a blow-by-blow dispute over who said what and when, it is fair to say that we were only advised that they were serving notices to quit after their tenants began seeking our assistance.

"We have still had no response from the trustees, but are working on the assumption that the organisation is closing.

"We are doing all we can to assist tenants who approach us."

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