Portishead railway station location consultation begins

View along the disused Portishead railway line
Image caption Re-opening the Portishead line, which closed in 1964, is part of the MetroWest Phase 1 project, being overseen by the West of England Partnership

Potential locations for a new Portishead rail station are being discussed in a public consultation.

Proposals to re-open the line are part of a £100m investment in the local area's rail infrastructure.

It was originally closed in 1964 and the revamp is part of the MetroWest Phase 1 project, being overseen by the West of England Partnership.

The project team has identified three potential station locations and is asking for comments.

North Somerset Council will use responses to decide later this year where the station will be located.

'Making progress'

The three locations under consideration are east of Quays Avenue, across Quays Avenue and between Serbert Road and Harbour Road.

The MetroWest Phase 1 project aims to reopen the Portishead line to passenger train services by Spring 2019.

The line will restore the rail link between the town and Bristol city centre.

Leader of North Somerset Council, Nigel Ashton, said: "There is still a lot to do before we could confirm re-opening the Portishead line, but we are making progress.

"Considering the viable options for a station is an important part of the project."

The proposals can be viewed and comments submitted online at the project website.

Two exhibitions are also being held at Portishead Methodist Church on 24 and 28 June.

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