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Banksy works recreated in Lego by Canadian photographer

image copyrightJeff Friesen

Some of graffiti artist Banksy's most famous work has been recreated in Lego by a Canadian man.

Photographer Jeff Friesen, 42, has produced toy imitation versions of Bristol's hanging man, the kissing coppers and the dining divers.

The Lego pieces were made with the help of Mr Friesen's daughter June. The pair have previously created dioramas of all 10 Canadian provinces.

Mr Friesen said many of the scenes took more than five hours to create.

"I don't have as many Lego bricks as you'd think - they're all my daughter's," he said.

image copyrightJeff Friesen

My Friesen said he started creating the Lego Banksy doppelgangers after deciding to create a Lego London.

"I want to do a Banksy scene and ended up doing the Pulp Fiction scene and thought this was fun, making urban street scenes, and then decided to do a whole Banksy series.

"There was something funny about it; something unexpected."

image copyrightJeff Friesen

Mr Friesen said creating the "Bricksy" works was a "fun way of spending time with my daughter".

But he added that he "got super serious" about the project. "She's playing at the side and we're fighting over bricks," he said.

image copyrightJeff Friesen

The photographer said he has only seen a few Banksy pieces in real life, having stayed in London, but had to rely on a Banksy book for the others.

He said he "wanted to make iconic ones and also wanted to pick the obscure ones too".

image copyrightJeff Friesen

What is next for the Lego expert? "I thought about doing Lego modern artists - a lot of Damien Hirst maybe?"

image copyrightJeff Friesen

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