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Wiltshire bronze age jewellery hoard declared treasure

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image captionThe collection is termed an ornament horizon hoard as it contains jewellery rather than tools

A hoard of "extraordinary" Bronze Age jewellery discovered in a Wiltshire field has been declared treasure.

Some 41 copper alloy pieces including bracelets, neck rings and tools, were found by metal detectorists near the village of Wylye in 2012.

A Salisbury coroner declared the hoard treasure at an inquest and it will now be valued.

Salisbury Museum has already registered its intention of buying the hoard as an "exquisite addition" to a new gallery.

"The hoard is outstanding and in beautiful condition," said Richard Henry, finds liaison officer for Wiltshire.

It was recorded and catalogued by the Portable Antiquities Scheme and a market value will be placed on it by the Treasure Valuation Committee.

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image captionBracelets and twisted torcs - usually worn around the neck - are among the 41 Bronze Age artefacts found
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image captionThe treasure was found by metal-detectorists in a field near to the village of Wylye in Wiltshire
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image captionParts of a Bronze Age copper alloy palstave palstave - axe - are also in the hoard

Once sold, the price will be divided between the landowner where the treasure was found and the metal detectorists who found it.

Salisbury Museum will have to launch a fundraising drive to acquire the collection, with the British Museum also declaring an interest should the museum fail in its bid.

Salisbury Museum director Adrian Green, said: "It's appropriate for the Wylye Hoard to be housed at Salisbury Museum, because it was found nearby.

"The British Museum are interested because it's a hoard of really rare and beautiful pieces."

The collection has been technically termed an ornament horizon hoard as it contains jewellery rather than tools.

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