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Call to rid Bristol of strip clubs via e-petition

image captionThe city council is reviewing its policy on strip clubs
An e-petition calling for a ban on strip clubs in Bristol has been set up on the city council website.
A maximum of three strip clubs are allowed in Bristol. Those venues would close once their licences came up for renewal if the petition is successful.
Thomas Oliver, who set up the petition, said: "I submitted the petition simply as a Bristol resident who wanted to challenge the 'sex object culture'."
The council said it was reviewing its policy and could not comment further.

'Reinforcing sexism'

Under the council's petition scheme, at least 20 people need to sign in order for it to be considered by the council.
So far 46 people have signed up.
Local authorities are allowed to state how many sex entertainment venues (SEVs) are appropriate in their area
SEV covers lap dancing, pole dancing, strip shows, peep shows and live sex shows.
A number of conditions also have to be met, such as whether the venue would be appropriate for the locality.
If councillors support the petition, they would be able to set a cap at "nil" so that any future proposals would also be refused.
Mr Oliver's petition was motivated by councillors in Swansea who recently voted to change their policy.
In an email to the BBC, Mr Oliver said such venues played "a role in reinforcing sexism and attitudes which underpin inequality and violence against women".
He also had concerns that women were at risk of being sexually and financially exploited.
The clubs, which are in the city centre and Old Market, did not want to comment.

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