Bristol Community Health had 'leadership crisis'

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Bristol Community Health has a £45m budget

A mass resignation of all the non-executive board members at Bristol Community Health caused a "serious leadership crisis" a report has found.

Four board members left after a report recommended three new senior executives each get a salary of about £75,000.

They said they considered this a pay rise when other staff were getting a pay freeze.

A review of the crisis concluded patient services did not suffer and its finances were sound.

The chief executive of Bristol Community Health, Julia Clarke, said: "The report confirms our organisation is well-run from a finance, performance and patient care point of view.

"We very quickly, within three weeks, identified three interim non-executives to support us through this transition and they've been working with us for the past three months."

The report also recommended the organisation should be more transparent in the future and not be distracted by dysfunctional relationships between board members.

It also added the group needed to continue reassuring patients and the other bodies it works with that it could still meet the needs of the community.

Bristol Community Health is a not-for-profit social enterprise which supplies district nurses for Bristol and manages a budget of £45m.

The Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, which employs the group, carried out the review.

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