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Bristol church wants 'good Christian home' for 10ft Jesus

image captionThe fibreglass statue has hung above the altar of the church since the 1970s
A Bristol church is looking for a "good Christian home" for a 10ft (3m) tall fibre glass statue of Jesus Christ.
St Augustine's Church in Whitchurch was closed in 2007 after being found to be unsafe and is due to be demolished.
Work on a new £800,000 church is due to begin in the autumn but the statue of the risen Christ, created by Ernest Pascoe, is too large for the building.
The Reverend Nick Hay said: "Our worry is if we sold it on the open market, it could end up somewhere inappropriate."
Created to look like a bronze, the 5ft (1.5m) wide Christ in Glory statue with arms outstretched has hung behind the altar of St Augustine's since it opened in 1972.
"It is a shame - basically the old church is one of those whacking big things they built in the '70s," said Mr Hay.
"And the new building, worship and community centre - the space is just not big enough for something that big."

'End up anywhere'

District church councillors are concerned the statue will be destroyed in the demolition of the church if it is not re-homed within the next three months.
But Mr Hay said he was worried "it could end up anywhere".
"It's a statue of the risen Christ and it's full of life and vibrancy and power so it's a great statue," he said.
"A lot of people have prayed underneath it and we want to be a little bit picky about where it goes.
"So we want to find a place that's going to value it for it's significance."

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