Fawn from world's smallest deer born at Bristol zoo

Baby pudu, the World"s smallest species of deer, born at Bristol Zoo
Image caption The fawn was born 12 days ago weighing just 900g (2lb)

A fawn from the smallest species of deer in the world has been born at a zoo in Bristol.

The baby pudu is part of an international conservation breeding programme to protect the vulnerable species.

The deer weighed just 900g (2lb) when it was born 12 days ago at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Lynsey Bugg, from the zoo, said: "Its early days so we don't yet know whether the fawn is male or female."

A fully grown pudu deer stands at 38cm (15in) and weighs about 9-15kg (20-33lbs).

Fawns have distinctive white spotted markings on their backs to help camouflage them from predators.

"It enjoys hiding in shrubs and undergrowth," said Ms Bugg.

"Over the coming weeks we expect to see the fawn becoming more confident and venturing out."

The pudu originates from the rainforest areas in Chile and Argentina and is considered a vulnerable species.

Numbers have declined because of predators and the destruction of their rainforest habitat.

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