Stephen Williams MP wins award for anti-smoking work

Stephen Williams, Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West
Image caption Stephen Williams has campaigned against smoking for the past 20 years as an MP

A Bristol MP has been given an award for his anti-smoking work by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Liberal Democrat Stephen Williams currently chairs a parliamentary group on smoking and health.

He said: "Smoking causes people to die sooner than they would otherwise and that's one of my childhood memories of my father dying at the age of 42."

Mr Williams was awarded a WHO World No Tobacco Day award for the European region, for his years of campaigning.

His work has included pressing for a ban on smoking in public places.

Mr Williams was 13 when his father passed away.

He added: "In every election I've ever stood in someone asks you if there was one law you could change what would it be? And going back 20 years I've always said I'll do whatever it takes to reduce smoking."

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