More Bristol parking zones prompt business concerns

image captionThe scheme currently operates in Cotham, Kingsdown and central areas and the council plans to roll it out across other areas of the city

Small traders and businesses have expressed concern over the roll-out of residents' parking zones across Bristol.

At present the scheme operates in the Cotham, Kingsdown, and central areas.

But elected mayor George Ferguson wants to roll out 18 residents' parking zones within the next 18 months.

One painter and decorator called for a citywide permit for tradesmen while a nursery owner said she was worried about losing staff.

Rebecca Clevett, who runs Archfield Nursery in Cotham, said while the scheme was good for local residents, it was bad news for businesses.

Impractical for staff

"We have been issued with some customer permits and some business ones at a significant cost which has helped us.

"My issue is recruitment - we have about 40 staff who work for us - and there are several that genuinely need to park near to work."

Ms Clevett said one of her members of staff, who lives seven miles away in Bradley Stoke, was told by the council to "use public transport or walk to work".

"This was impossible as she had to bring her child in every day so the only option she felt she had was to leave."

Self-employed painter and decorator David Mallard said he was calling on the council to introduce a reasonably-priced city-wide permit for tradesmen.

Traffic volume control

He said he was concerned the scheme would eat into his profits if expansion plans go ahead.

"I was painting an unoccupied flat so there was no one to give me a permit.

"I had to drive from Kingsdown with my equipment, drop it off, drive back and then walk back to Cotham in order to work," said Mr Mallard.

"This wasted a hour-and-a-half per day and another woman wanted to charge me £5 a day for a visitor's permit."

But Paul English, who has campaigned for the scheme to be introduced in nearby Cliftonwood, said there was evidence that parking zones in Kingsdown, had improved businesses in the area.

"There are constant problems with commuters cruising the streets looking for somewhere to park," he said.

"And there's a private hospital opening in Clifton in August which will only increase the traffic."

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