Woman 'taken off bus and raped' had abrasions on arms

Abrasions and bruising were found on a woman with learning difficulties who alleges a man took her off a bus to his flat where he subjected her to a night of sexual assaults and rape.

John Ebdon, 67, of Kensington Road, Weston-super-Mare, is charged with three sex assaults and two rapes on 31 October last year.

He has a form of dementia and has been ruled unfit to plead or stand trial.

A jury at Bristol Crown Court must find whether or not he committed the acts.

Redness on wrist

The court heard that the woman, who was 19 at the time and cannot be identified for legal reasons, was medically examined the day after the incident. A red abrasion was found on the back of one arm and a brown bruise on the other.

There was an area of redness on one wrist and an abrasion on her private parts.

Fiona Elder, prosecuting, said there was also a one in one billion chance of the DNA found on the woman's underwear belonging to a man other than Mr Ebdon.

Summing up the prosecution case, she said Mr Ebdon had been identified by the woman and she had shown police where his flat was.

She said the real question for the jury might be whether she was consenting.

'No choice'

"Consent is not the same as submission. Consent is when you are freely agreeing to do something," she said.

Ms Elder said the woman had said throughout her evidence she did not feel she had a choice: "She says 'I told him no', 'I told him to stop it', 'I told him I didn't want to do it'."

Mr Ebdon's barrister, Ramin Pakrooh, told the jury they would not be hearing any version of events from Mr Ebdon as he could not participate in the trial.

Mr Pakrooh said his role was purely to scrutinise the evidence and ask questions.

He said the age gap was probably something the jury would consider.

The trial continues.

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