Bristol mayor George Ferguson is sworn in

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Media captionGeorge Ferguson said he needed everyone's help to ensure he left Bristol greater than he found it

Bristol mayor George Ferguson has been sworn in at a ceremony at Bristol Temple Meads railway station.

Mr Ferguson, an architect best known for wearing red trousers, won Thursday's poll with a total of 37,353 votes, ahead of Labour's Marvin Rees.

The 65-year-old said there had been an "extraordinary amount of enthusiasm" since his win and he aimed to "change the mood" of the city.

"Between us, all of us, we've got to grab that enthusiasm," he said.

But, Mr Ferguson said projected cuts at the council of up to £32m were "going to hurt".

"What I'm absolutely determined to do is to make sure that it doesn't hurt as much at the places it really matters," he said.

"There are loads of potential cuts that are deeply damaging to the support services that Bristol has to provide.

City hall

"What we've got to try and do is have an independent look at the budget rather than just taking it from the current regime as to what the cuts should be."

A rise of up to 2% in council tax was also possible for city residents, Mr Ferguson added.

But he said Sunday parking charges would also be abolished in the city at a cost of £35,000-per-year.

Mr Ferguson met the leaders of the other political parties in Bristol and said he would begin work to form a cabinet soon.

Among the other announcements from Mr Ferguson is that the Council House on College Green would be renamed to City Hall.

He said "not one piece of headed letter paper" would be wasted in the name change.