Killer rapist Kenneth Shirley 'must get whole-life term'

"I scrub and I scrub away about 12 times a day and try to get rid of this man with bleach and I try to keep this brave front for my children."

The words of Helen Stockford, who was subjected to a brutal rape in her Bristol home by killer Kenneth Shirley, in 2009.

She has waived her right to anonymity in her fight to make sure Shirley is never released.

Shirley, who is known by his middle name of Mark, was first convicted in 1987.

He is currently serving a total of 23 life terms, after being convicted again last week of another rape, this time in 2005.

'Give me dignity'

As part of her campaign, Mrs Stockford is demanding a meeting with the prime minister.

"I think I deserve a meeting - they should give me that dignity so that I can discuss all the wrongs in the handling of Mark Shirley from 1987 right up to today's date," she said.

Shirley's first conviction dates back to 1987, when he was sentenced for the ritualistic murder of Mary Wainwright, 67, in Cardiff.

During his trial for the rape of Mrs Stockford, Bristol Crown Court heard he had used her to try to re-enact the killing of Mrs Wainwright.

He had been released on parole for the original murder in 2003 after serving 16 years of a life sentence.

The following year he was recalled to custody, before being released again in October the same year.

Image caption Murderer and rapist Shirley is serving a total of 23 life terms

In January 2007, he was recalled to prison again for parole breaches, before being released on licence for a third time, in September 2008.

Four years later, Mrs Stockford sat through the latest trial and was relieved to see Shirley again jailed for life, last week, by a judge at Bristol Crown Court.

As he passed sentence, Mr Justice Astill told Shirley: "The nature of these offences, and the murder and rape convictions that went before them, may well result - and probably should result - in you remaining in custody for the remainder of your life."

But, Mrs Stockford, a mother of five, has her doubts as to whether he will serve a "whole-life" tariff.

"I want to be sure in my heart of hearts that this man is never going to be released again," she said

"They could keep him for the next 30 years then are we all going to read one day that he's come out?"

The day of her attack, 20 March 2009, is etched in her mind.

'Want an ending'

"It was absolutely horrendous. In his mind I was Mary, so even today I don't feel like he's attacked me - he's used my body and me mentally for somebody else," she said.

"I can't come to terms with that. He used my body for a game - for something in his past he wanted to relive.

"My son called round which basically saved my life, then I sat for the whole weekend and didn't tell anybody because he kept texting and texting and texting."

The ordeal has left her unable to be alone in the home and too afraid to go outside.

"I crouch down on the kitchen floor and I'm just watching windows and doors waiting for someone to break in," she said.

"I just want to see an ending."

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