Weston Bay kite surfer rescued by lifeboat

A kite surfer had to be rescued from Weston Bay in the Bristol Channel after losing control and becoming too tired to swim to shore.

The RNLI lifeboat was launched from Birnbeck island at about 0900 GMT on Sunday, off Uphill Beach, which is a popular place for place for surfers.

Helmsman Nigel Congram said the tides in Weston Bay were "too strong for most people to be able to swim against".

Apart from being tired, the kite surfer suffered no injuries.

The crew said the man had disconnected himself from the kite, which is correct practice, to stop himself from being blown into the Grand Pier.

"Our advice in circumstances such as this is to swim with the tide towards Black Rock at the mouth of the River Axe," Mr Congram said.

"Here they will be safe and can be helped ashore by the coastguard or ourselves."

Over the weekend, crews also helped the coastguard rescue someone from the bottom of the cliffs at Middle Hope Bay who had a suspected broken leg.

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