Bristol grandfather raps online about 'silver surfers'

A grandfather from Bristol has uploaded a rap video to YouTube to celebrate the internet's effect on his life.

Michael Kelly, from Keynsham, wrote his 'Ode to all Silver Surfers' after being given a laptop for his 65th birthday.

He is now in his 70s but said he had learned more in the years since going online than he did at school.

Mr Kelly, who now teaches others how to use the internet, was chosen by the Age UK charity to be a "Digital Champion".

"I feel so passionately about involving other older people in using the internet," he said.

"I have managed to get a few of my neighbours on to the internet for various reasons - one of them wanted to compare motor insurance prices, another just wanted basic email, another wanted to use Skype - and I just sat down with them for an hour and showed them the basics."

'Extremely rewarding'

Mr Kelly is supporting the BBC's Give an Hour campaign which, on the last weekend in October when the clocks go back, is challenging everyone in Britain to donate their extra hour to introduce someone new to the internet.

The campaign aims to mobilise the UK's 30 million daily internet users to help somebody they know understand and enjoy the benefits of the internet, with a particular focus on those aged over 55.

Mr Kelly said he felt passionately about sharing his experience with others.

"I know the difference it has made to my life and I've seen first hand the difference that it makes to other people's lives and from that point of view it is extremely rewarding," he added.

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