Family 'disappointed' by electrocuted plumber inquest

image captionMr Edwards died while working at a flat in Clifton in 2008

The family of a plumber who was electrocuted while working at a flat in Bristol, have criticised the verdict at his inquest.

Danny Edwards was killed in 2008 while working at a flat in Clifton when he touched a badly wired washing machine.

A jury returned a narrative verdict at the inquest at Flax Bourton after it could not be decided who had wired it.

Mr Edwards' father, Paul, said it was "sick" that nobody had been blamed for the death of his son.

Speaking after the verdict, he said: "Somebody's to blame for it. They've proved that somebody put the wires in wrong, and that person knows who they are.

"It's just sick that they're walking away, getting away with it."

The inquest heard that Mr Edwards, who was 23, had been working at a flat in Percival Road in March of 2008.

He touched the metal casing at the back of the washing machine, which was plugged into an electrical socket in which the live and earth connections had been wrongly wired.

All four electricians who had been working at the site either denied having wired the socket or said they could not remember who had.

Jason Birakos, the former director of Birakos Enterprises Ltd, who employed Mr Edwards, said he regretted what had happened.

"Obviously it was a tragic occurrence, he was a trusted colleague, a dear friend and fun to work with.

"He was very professional and hard working, and was sadly missed by everyone in the company."

Birakos Enterprises Ltd went into receivership in 2010.

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