Beehives set up at Oldbury Power Station

image captionThe beehives will be looked after by one of the safety engineers at the power station

An apiary has been set up at Oldbury Power Station in Bristol to improve the biodiversity of the local habitat.

Three beehives have been built in the orchard along the nature trail and are now home to 180,000 bees.

Safety engineer Paul Burrowson said: "It has been great to bring one of my hobbies to the workplace and I hope this project will be a success."

In June one reactor at the power station was switched off and the other will operate until the end of 2012.

The orchard area has been fenced off to prevent walkers, dogs and wildlife from being stung by the bees.

Matthew Castle, head of environment at the power station, said: "Over the past few years we have been constantly striving to improve the diversity of species found around the site."

Oldbury is home to a four-and-a-half mile (7.5km) nature trail which links to the Severn Way public footpath and is also home to ponds, silt lagoons and hedgerows.

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