Radstock group opposes road change plans

A campaign group in Radstock is calling for plans for a new road in the town to be reconsidered.

A new £800,000 government grant will pay for a road over a disused railway line and other changes.

The Homes and Community Agency said the road would help boost businesses in the town centre.

But Radstock Action Group said the council had not given enough good reasons for the road scheme to go ahead and that it would damage trade.

The new road would link up The Street, which is currently one way, and Frome Road in the town centre.

A single roundabout outside the Co-op supermarket will also replace the current double roundabout.

Retail worse

Amanda Leon from the group said: "In one of the two streets there it will be two-way traffic with lorries going past.

"There will be less room for pedestrians and retail is going to get worse."

Ms Leon said the group was also worried about the damage the increased traffic might cause to town centre buildings including the Victoria Hall.

The group is also calling for a rail link to the town to be reinstated - something that would almost certainly not happen if a road over the disused railway is built.

Helping businesses

It is expected the work will start in October and will take six months to complete.

Jay Lambe, from the Homes and Community Agency, said the changes to the road layout were designed to help businesses in the town.

"The existing highway infrastructure in Radstock has been identified as adversely impacting on the town centre for some time," he said.

Liberal Democrat councillor Cherry Beath said: "The improved public infrastructure for Radstock is an essential component of the Council's vision to support regeneration in the town."

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