Bristol breast cancer study seeks women

A Bristol researcher is seeking the help of 300 black, south Asian and Caucasian women to explore their experience of breast cancer treatment.

Geeta Patel, from the University of the West of England, hopes her findings will help improve the care of ethnic minority women with the disease.

She said smaller studies she had done highlighted issues of care, support and body image.

The research will help determine how widespread those issues are.

"There may be issues relating to language, or cultural and religious sensitivities which may affect the way women respond to their treatment," she said.

"The findings will then be used to provide the most appropriate and sensitive care and support, particularly regarding issues surrounding appearance and body image."

One hundred women from each ethnic group are needed for the study.

Arlene Wilkie, director of research and policy at Breast Cancer Campaign, said: "Women from ethnic minority groups have been overlooked in previous research in this area.

"It is therefore vital that we gain a better understanding of how we can help make living with breast cancer easier for these women."

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