South Africa carjacked couple 'not reckless'

image captionThe couple had been married for two weeks

The husband of a woman killed on honeymoon in South Africa has denied that they acted in a reckless way.

Shrien Dewani said the decision to drive into a township of Cape Town at night had not been ill informed.

Police in South Africa said they have arrested a man in connection with the death of 28-year-old Anni Dewani.

The couple, from Bristol, were kidnapped near Cape Town on Saturday. Mr Dewani was released unharmed.

Surrounded by family and friends, Mr Dewani, 31, said it was his new wife who had made the decision to go to one of the city's poorest areas.

Mr Dewani said on Saturday night, after dinner in a suburb and a walk on the beach, they got in a taxi to head back to Cape Town.

'Life is ruined'

He said that, on the way, Mrs Dewani said she would like to see some of the "real South Africa" and the taxi driver left the motorway and headed towards Gugulethu township.

The plan was simply to drive through but, two miles outside, their vehicle was carjacked by armed men.

The taxi driver and then Mr Dewani were forced from the vehicle. The car with Mrs Dewani's body inside was found on Sunday morning.

Mr Dewani said: "It was an impulsive decision to drive through the township but for anyone to suggest it was reckless or careless is unfair."

He said his wife's death meant "my life is ruined".

'Several leads'

A spokesman for the South African police said: "A 26-year-old man from Khayelitsha was taken in for questioning this morning in connection with the hijacking of the UK couple that occurred in Gugulethu on Saturday evening.

"A murder case was opened in connection with the death of 28-year-old Anni Dewani whose body was found in Khayelitsha on Sunday.

"Police are working around the clock to ensure that the perpetrators of the crimes are brought to book.

"Several leads are currently being followed in a bid to solve the case."

The couple from Westbury-on-Trym, had been married for two weeks.

Mr Dewani is reported to own PSP Healthcare, which operates eight nursing homes in south-west England.

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