Bristol City Council stockpiles salt and grit

Image caption, The council is looking for locations for community salt bins for locations such as side streets

More than 1,500 tonnes of salt have been stockpiled in Bristol and a further 500 tonnes are on order in readiness for the winter.

A city council spokesman last winter's severe weather was a sharp reminder of the need to be more prepared for sustained snow and icy conditions.

"We also need residents and businesses to play their part by helping to clear pavements and side roads," he said.

During last year's bad weather the council said it used 1,500 tonnes.

The Bristol City Council spokesman added that people should not be concerned about clearing paths outside their homes.

"Guidance produced by government is very clear - people should have no fears about taking responsibility for clearing paths themselves - in fact as a city we rely on everyone collectively doing their bit.

"As well as the usual 600 grit bins around the city for community use, we are also proposing to drop a further 600 piles of salt for community use. We would like to hear from residents and businesses where they would like to see these additional drops.

"But I would like to remind people that the salt we supply is for community use, it should not be used to clear private driveways."

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