Coronavirus: Walsall dad fined for son flouting lockdown

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The boy had been out in the Blakenall area of Walsall in the West Midlands, police said

A father has been fined by police after his son persistently flouted the coronavirus lockdown rules.

The boy had been out three times in the Blakenall area of Walsall in the West Midlands before a police warning was issued to his father.

But as the father was unable to prevent his son leaving the house for a fourth time, West Midlands Police said it had "no option" but to issue a fine.

The force said the boy was also abusive to an officer on one occasion.

If he is found outdoors again the fine could be doubled and reach a total of £960, officers said.

"On at least three occasions [the boy] was with other youths and on one occasion he was abusive to the officer who tried to speak to him as he ran away," Sgt Stephen Pursglove, of Walsall Police, said.

"His father was spoken to and the regulations - the reason for them and the risks to all of us, especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions - were fully explained to him."

Sgt Pursglove said that following the talk, the boy went out to meet with people who were not family members, which led to police issuing the fine.

He added: "While the vast majority are doing as they are asked, it is a pity we now have to put ourselves at risk dealing with those who do not."

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