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Peaky Blinders fan art commissioned to promote fifth series

Peaky Blinders fan art by Harry Ward Image copyright BBC/ Harry Ward
Image caption More than 1,000 fans submitted art work to judges

Peaky Blinders fan art will be used to promote the show's fifth series across the BBC.

Submissions from more than 1,000 fans around the world were whittled down to 16, which have been commissioned by the show's creators.

The commissions "are all about celebrating and giving recognition to the Peaky Blinders fans", said Emma Brooke, from BBC Creative.

The show's fifth series, set in 1920s Birmingham, will air on BBC One soon.

Peaky Blinders fan art by Holly Reynolds (L) and Yvonne Bentley (R) Image copyright BBC/ Holly Reynolds/ Yvonne Bentley
Image caption The commissioned artists will all receive £1,000 for their contributions

"I entered the competition on a whim and didn't really expect anything to come from it," said Holly Reynolds, from Birmingham.

The 21-year-old illustrator, who binged on the show while studying in Worcester, said: "The accents made me feel like I was at home."

"It feels a bit surreal," she added, when her portrait of Tommy Shelby - chosen as her subject for his complex character - was commissioned.

Peaky Blinders fan art by Nerf Alice (L) and Alex Coyle (R) Image copyright BBC/ Nerf Alice/ Alex Coyle
Image caption The art will be displayed in a publicity campaign from 12 August
Peaky Blinders fan art by James Mundy (L) and Pete Carroll (R) Image copyright BBC/ James Mundy/ Pete Carroll
Image caption Series five finds the characters' world thrown into turmoil by the 1929 financial crash

James Mundy, from Stoke-on-Trent, has been a fan of the show since it started and also opted for a portrait of Tommy Shelby.

"I created a painting that was moody, a bit dark, but at the same time shows his pride and his willingness to overcome his past," the 34-year-old creative director said.

"I cannot wait to see it on billboards and online."

Peaky Blinders fan art by Sue Verity (L) and Ben Wills (R) Image copyright BBC/ Sue Verity/ Ben Wills
Image caption Sixteen fan artists were commissioned by the BBC for the campaign

Tamworth-based artist Sue Verity chose another Shelby brother, Arthur, as the inspiration for her portrait.

"He's so vulnerable and yet so masculine; I love his dark and light persona," she said of her favourite character.

The 54-year-old artist said she was "thrilled" to be commissioned by the BBC.

"It means such a lot to me.

"We wanted to harness the power of [the] existing fandom," said Chris Hooper, from BBC One.

"Their passion for the show is truly infectious."

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