Police stop driver with mattress stuffed in car

Image source, West Midlands Police
Image caption,
"This brings a whole new meaning to mobile home," police said

A driver with a need for zzzs has been cautioned after being caught in the act taking his mattress for a ride.

The not-so-fast, but very curious Vauxhall Astra was stopped by police in Birmingham, who were surprised to see the soft-top bunk on the road.

"This brings a whole new meaning to mobile home," the Billesley force posted on Twitter.

The driver was stopped by officers in the south of the city on Wednesday.

Reacting to the post on Twitter, one user, Lee Charles, wrote: "Great padding for a potential crash though haha.... even if it caused the crash in the first place."

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Police are cracking down on inconsiderate drivers and parking in the area.

The same day, Billesley Police tweeted another photo of a van parked over a zebra crossing.

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