Blogger brummymummyof2 fat-shamed by Instagram troll

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Emma Conway wants to empower women about their weight

A popular blogger has been fat-shamed by an Instagram troll who photoshopped an image of her in a swimsuit to look slimmer.

Emma Conway, 40, known as brummymummyof2, took a screenshot of the post and created new ones "rocking her size 18" figure on Saturday.

The YouTuber said she was not "perfect or slim" and was backed by thousands of her followers for her positivity.

She reported In.stagramvsreality and believes the account was shut down.

Ms Conway, from Birmingham, posted a number of pictures dressed in a swimming costume on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, which received more than 9,000 and 414 likes respectively.

A lot of you will have seen this on my stories yesterday and thanks SO much for your DMs. I am no stranger to negative comments I’ve been called everything from a “ho” (lolz! The 40 year old married ex RE teacher) to being told I need to be shot to whole threads saying why I’m really annoying. But as you can imagine this one made me catch my breath. I use my space on the internet to help women feel better about themselves. By just being normal. I’m not daft. I know I’m not slim, stunning or young or rich. And that’s OK. It’s OK to be happy, confident and successful at something by just being yourself. It does take quite a lot of balls to put yourself out their. To pitch yourself up against hundreds of women who society would deem are that little bit better than you. A profession where the physical is valued over what’s going on inside. Where followers are more important than kindness. Where being slim is preferable to a happy picture of a Mum having fun with her kids. So dear person who took the time to photoshop me. I’ve attached further examples of all the times I’ve lived my best life whilst rocking a cossie. And this time avert your eyes from my wobbles and look at how happy my children are. 100% happier than if I was sat on the side watching them too scared to show off my bod. And that’s all that really matters ❤️❤️❤️ #imgoingtotakethedayofftoday #loveyoulots #illbebacksoon

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She wrote: "I choose to spend my days empowering women to be happy with themselves when they aren't perfect, they're not slim or young or where bang on trend clothes.

"Which is better than sitting at home photoshopping strangers on the internet.

"I'm not ashamed of who I am. But I am ashamed that people exist who do things like this. As long as the sun is out? I'm rocking my size 18 and am proud of it."

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One user wrote: "This thread is the most wonderful response to a despicable piece of trolling - I totally admire your positivity and it has really helped me be body positive! You are a ⭐ - keep shining!"

While another said: "Woohoo! Way to represent and rise above the negativity! With maturity comes the ability to live life without worrying what others think. #youarebeautiful"

Another added: "I think you are perfect. Power to you. X"

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Ms Conway said: "I think due to the sheer amount of complaints from my post, Instagram shut it down.

"Or it was a troll that popped up caused a stir then shut their account down.

"I screenshot it, reported them and then blocked them immediately as I do with anyone that leaves unpleasant comments."

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